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Our team consists of dedicated experts in healthcare, IT and account management. Our experienced professionals are trained to meet your company's needs. We work to understand your payer business and achieve results.

Sally Else

Sally Else


As President, Sally is responsible for establishing and executing the strategy, leading a global operation and delivering on promises to customers and partners.  This requires a long range view and the ability to work across disciplines and geographies, pulling in new capabilities and partnerships, to make the right things happen every day.

Sally’s background of 25+ years of domestic and international experience with global leaders of IT services companies such as First Data and CSG Systems allow her to use best practices from transformations which have occurred in Payments, Telecommunications and Media to position Javelina at the fore.  These markets have all seen the need to evolve their operations to engage their consumers in meaningful ways thru digital as well as human means.

Sally joined Eldorado in 2010 and has been central to the successes of Javelina’s introduction and continued success in the market.  All the while insuring that Eldorado's HEALTHpac continues to be the work horse of the industry with a high level of client retention and satisfaction.

In her roles prior to Eldorado, Sally managed business units of over a billion dollars in annual revenue with a focus on the building of new market and product initiatives and moving them to operational prominence. Sally's key to success is keeping the customers' interests at the center of all decisions and engaging employees and partners to create effective solutions for the marketplace.