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Dear customers, partners, and healthcare leaders,

The event-driven and ever-evolving world of healthcare requires partnerships that withstand the test of time and progress at the pace your business demands. This drives us to consistently develop cutting-edge solutions that are relevant and timely. When it comes to advanced payer platforms, Javelina® from Mphasis is a best-in-class solution. This core benefits administration platform is future-ready and backed by Mphasis capabilities to enable your digital transformation and lean operations.  

Today’s healthcare consumers are demanding seamless access to data, services, information, and analysis. Simultaneously, the healthcare payer industry is evolving to value-based models, placing consumers at the heart of the service. With the challenge of these transitions in mind,Javelina® can help you optimize your operations and deliver the best to your consumers. We understand that you also want a partner who supports your focus on the bottom line—from the speed of implementation and reduced operational costs to complementing your resources with the broad capabilities of Mphasis. Javelina® enables ecosystem integration and real-time interaction with other entities and supports you with the Mphasis Front2BackTM (F2B) approach to digital transformation.

You can depend on Javelina® to be the perfect balance of people, processes, and technology. Our mission has always been to provide state-of-the-art, dependable platforms for payers to maximize their ROI. You can rely on us to help you stay ahead in an evolving industry. We are here for you today and will be, long into the future.