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Deploy Tomorrow’s Healthcare Payer Platform, Today


As new-generation technologies continue to transform the healthcare industry every day, Javelina® offers you the most modern, scalable payer platform in the business—backed by deep industry experience.


Keeping pace with the shift to value-based care management, Javelina® provides you with the flexibility required to support ongoing regulatory mandates and adapt to this new model. The Mphasis Front2Back (F2B) transformation approach enables this transition, led by your end customers’ needs.


The Javelina® Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment, open source architecture, and business-driven configuration ensures optimal operations performance. In an environment where healthcare IT budgets are under great scrutiny, its proven ROI makes it one of the most affordable solutions today.


Along with this, Javelina® combines real-time capabilities with clinical risk analytics to deliver comprehensive population health management. It is a complete solution to today’s value-based care delivery demands and the ever-changing needs of tomorrow.

A Payer Platform that Makes Business Sense

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