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Heritage with a vision



When we began our journey over 30 years ago, our mission to improve the technology of the healthcare payer industry addressed a significant gap. It was ground-breaking in envisioning that open system platforms were the key to effective health benefit management.

Today, our heritage shapes but never limits our future, as we continue to be about bringing a future-ready vision to life for customers. We have consistently augmented our domain expertise by investing in R&D to support the evolving market. Our present journey still provides cutting-edge solutions to our customers and enables them with digital transformation, using the Mphasis X2C2TM framework led by its Front2BackTM (F2B) approach. Our experience goes hand in hand with our modern technology capabilities as we stay ahead of industry changes.

Our open payer platforms Javelina® and HEALTHpac lead the industry with agile technology, low cost of entry, and superior performance and ROI.



The event-driven and ever-evolving world of healthcare requires partnerships that withstand the test of time and progress at the pace your business demands. This drives us to consistently develop cutting-edge solutions that are relevant and timely. When it comes to advanced payer platforms, Javelina® from Mphasis is a best-in-class solution. This core benefits administration platform is future-ready and backed by Mphasis capabilities to enable your digital transformation and lean operations.