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To transform business efficiency in record time



A benefits administration company, with a reputation for superior service in the industry. The client was beginning to struggle due to lack of integration and automation complex business processes. Highly skilled employees were spending too much time on low level administrative task due to these issues. Client required modernized core system in order to utilize domain expertise of its workforce as well as retain the strong reputation they had maintained over the years.


To provide an integrated and modern platform that addressed all the client’s business requirements and ensured comprehensive functionality, low cost of ownership, and proven return on investment. It was crucial that this platform was up and running quickly.

• Reviewed every aspect of the client’s current business flow and determined the best way to convert and set up the organization's product in HEALTHpac, meeting a timeline defined by the company's business needs
• Conducted onsite training and followed it up with remote training sessions for the remaining modules and miscellaneous processes
• Developed two custom imports for the client for both the claims and eligibility imports for historical data, which allows easy importation of clients data into the HEALTHpac system
• Ensured a seamless system transition, along with the development of these imports within a short time frame
• Modified client data where necessary and made it available within HEALTHpac by the go-live date, making the transition more efficient for ongoing business needs
• Delivered a solution designed by a team that had rich experience of working with the system



Ensured that the platform was ready to go live in a record-breaking time of three months

Provided the client with additional business process outsourcing (BPO) services and vendor solutions that were integrated with HEALTHpac, making the business more efficient and cost-effective

Added services such as inbound/outbound data file processing for claims and eligibility, including industry standard X12 files, custom imports, ID card extracts, cobra administration, and billing administration

Led to the client signing a contract with an integrated vendor for checks, explanation of benefits (EOB), and ID card fulfilment, which was done in-house previously